What is the Axacool insulin cooling case average life span

The Axacool has a manufacturer’s warrantee of 12 months. Meanwhile, many of our customers have advised us that their axacool has lasted for several years, but this will depend on how often it is used and how well it is cared for.
Due to varying climatic and environmental conditions around the world, a axacool will respond differently and age accordingly. If activated and used sensibly it will continue to respond to your needs over a long period of time. With age, the length of immersion time will increase but as long as the crystals expand into a gel it will function properly. When the crystals fail to expand, it is time for a replacement.
Note: the axacool is re-usable; the life of ‘in-use’ insulin is one month.

What is different between other insulin cooling case and Axacool insulin cooling case?

The Axacool Insulin cooling case is equipped with a six-layer cooling technology, providing optimum temperature control. This advanced cooling Case ensures an extended duration of insulin seafty and effectiveness during travel.. its maintain low temperature (below 30°C) for long  time and batter efficiency . It also coming with snap hook for hanging insulin cooling case anywhere.

How to use Axacool insulin travel case ?
Axacool travel case is an evaporative cooler. In order for it to perform properly, it needs to evaporate: 1. Activate the inner pouch in water. You will need to soak the wallet according to the instructions. The gel formed should fill the panels but should not expand to the point where the panels become rigid. The activated pouch should remain pliable. Re-soak the inner pouch when the gel tubes are less “puffy”. 2. For continuous safe storage, the axacool inner wallet should be re-immersed in water every 45 hours or sooner if the quantity of gel reduces and starts to return to its crystal form, i.e. crystals can be felt in the panels. When in continuous use, succeeding immersion periods should be shorter (3-4 minutes) as the crystals are already in gel form. Do not forget about your axacool while it is soaking in water as over soaking causes the wallet to become too swollen to be used. Should this occur, the wallet must be allowed to dry naturally until it returns to usable size. Axacool need to breathe. As they work by evaporation, they need to be in contact with the air. Carrying in hand luggage or a pocket is satisfactory.
For more information Please see this video : Video Link
What temperature does the Axacool insulin cooling case maintain?
The Axacool maintains the required temperature range – room temperature – for in-use insulin. Please note that it is not a ‘fridge’ alternative. Many ‘in-use’ medications can be stored or transported at room temperature – check your manufacturer’s information leaflet for your specific medication or, for further assistance, email us : info@axacool.com
How long is In-use Insulin safe in a AXACOOL
The Axacool travel wallet is an evaporative cooling unit, purposely designed to keep in-use insulin cool within safe temperatures of below 30°C for 48 hours minimum, even in a constant environmental temperature of 37.8°C (100°F). The wallet can be ‘re-activated’/’topped-up’ to provide continuous safe storage conditions for subsequent periods of 45 hours minimum for up to 28 days (one month).
Note: 28 days (one month) is the life of in-use insulin. The wallet is re-useable.
Note: insulin must be at the manufacturer’s recommended temperature before being placed in the axacool wallet. Please check the manufacturer’s information leaflet for your specific medication. List Content
What is the temperature will axacool travel case maintain

It maintains below 30°C temperature.

Is axacool use and throw ? Or we can use multiple times

You can use axacool insulin cooling case Multiple times. Just need to activate when you want to use. After use just dry it and store. You can reuse by just reactivating pouch. It is not use and throw pouch

Insulin pen to kept in outer or inner pouch, confused

Insulin pen kept in inner pouch.

Can we carry axacool cooling wallet in international flight?

Yes, you carry axacool cooling wallet in international flight.

How many insulin cartridges only can be kept

You can use six insulin cartridges can kept in one insulin cooling case or  keep 2 insulin pen at same time, Inner insulin pouch size is 80 mm widh x 180 mm hight

Does it protect from extreme cold temperature outside?

Yes it protect insulin from external cold temperature as well. So it work as insulating material for insulin, protect insulin from extreme cold and extreme hot temperature.

I don’t have fridge, can i use normal water to activate inner pouch?

Yes you can use normal water to activate inner pouch, so no need of fridge or cold water to activate axacool cooling pouch. No cold water required to activate axaccol insulin cooling case

Is axacool for one time use only?

No, you can use as Many times as you wish.

Do we get only cooling case Or insulin pens also

No, you will get only axacool cooling case. No insulin pen includes.

Can two Novopen 4 perfect fit in this pouch?
Yes you can use any brand 2 insulin cooling pen, include Novopen 4 , NoVopen 5 , Allstar, Biocon Insupen, toustar,Lilly Humapen Ergo, Lantus solostar, JuniorSTAR, NovoRapid,

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