AXACOOL – Insulin cooling case DUO Black

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AXACOOL : The ORIGINAL Insulin Cooling Travel Wallet

The AXACOOL Insulin Cooling case/Travel Wallet is an innovative product that solves the problem of keeping in-use Insulin at a safe temperature without the need of refrigeration, in an effective and economical way.



  • World’s First six layer insulin cooling case.
  • Easy to activate, simply immerse in cold water.
  • No Ice packs or refrigeration required.
  • Reusable Green Product with Patented technology made in India.
  • Ideal for daily use. Can be carried in flight while travelling.
  • Light and compact (35-45gms)
  • KEEP insulin cool for 48 hours
  • Protect insulin in summer and winter (work as insulator in winter)
  • Snap HOOK for hanging



  • Keeps Insulin and allergy medication cool for a minimum of 48 hours within safe temperatures of 18 to 26 degrees Celsius
  • Refrigeration not required. Simply activated with cold water and is Reuseable
  • Suitable for carrying Two (2) Pens.

USE AXACOOL in Four Simple Steps

  1. Immerse the inactivated inner pouch in water (preferably cold) for a minimum of 10 minutes.
  2. Drain the excess water, dab it, dry the pouch with towel
  3. Insert activated inner pouch in outer pouch.
  4. Transfer the contents and place it in the outer pouch. DO NOT SQUEEZE

For more detail watch How to use video on Youtube


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